Miranda Nilhag
Front End Developer
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I am a 26 year old woman, currently located in Gothenburg. I am a student at Medieinstitutet, enrolled in the Front End Developer programme.
I am very driven, positive and I am always looking to improve myself, no matter what it is I'm doing. Most recently I have been working in the tennis industry as a Chair Umpire.
The tennis world is very competitive and challenging which suited me very well.
Working at the biggest tennis events in the world has been very rewarding and has made me realize that nothing is impossible. Tennis has been known to be a mans dominated field for many years now and that has only made me more motivated to show my skills and I'm excited to be apart of the growing network of females in IT.
These experiences has made me very familiar with working under extremely high pressure, making rapid decisions and collaborating with others.
Since I’m not afraid to try new things I’m looking forward to learn new languages and meet new people in the IT business.

Work & Education

Since I'm brand new to web development I have not got too much experience yet.
However you may take a look at my GitHub page to check out my projects!
I am looking for an internship for fall 2022 from 12th of September to 18th of November.

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Miranda Nilhag